20 Apothecary Beauty Brands We Love Right Now

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I think everyone reaches a point in life when we realize that so much of what we ingest or rub on our body is filled with chemicals one cannot even pronounce. Doesn’t that strike you as a little odd, or even disconcerting that we are so accustomed and blind sighted by an over-hyped industry? All the incessant under-delivered promises of cosmetic retailers claiming your face will look 10 years younger is enough to confuse the heck out of anyone.

Don’t get me wrong. I love beauty. I love the fun I have with it. But there was always one slight problem. I neglected to see that all those chemical-laden products were the culprit of my repeated skin issues.

I believe that skincare should enhance youth, and improve skin. To help correct and adjust whatever issue that may arise. Trust me, something will arise. It’s good to know there is so much out there to help you, however getting back to basics could potentially save you so much time and hassle, because it might be all your skin will ever need.

We’ve curated a list of the 20 apothecary beauty brands we’re obsessed with and highly encourage you to add to your routine and repertoire. Not just because of its plentiful and transformative all natural and organic ingredients, but the creative input is just oh so cute.


Love & Toast

Made with love, this natural line makes no compromises to your skin or the environment. A full line of gorgeous beauty products born from three other amazing lines. This brand is sure to satisfy any type of skin.

Transcendent Product, Lip Butter


Beridan Naturals

Simple beauty line founded in nature. This line is the epitome of getting back to basics, environmentally conscious and supremely connected to making skin better.

Transcendent Product, Facial Mask – Juniper & Green Clay


Marble & Milkweed

“Handcrafted nourishment” and created with organic and fair-trade ingredients to just make your life easier. Oh did I mention the gorgeous aromas and low price point?

Transcendent Product, Nourishing Body Oil



When it comes to pampering yourself, I’m sure the words comfort and tranquility come to mind. Combine that with the most luscious and delicious scents and calming, natural ingredients, this brand will most definitely please you.

Transcendent Product, Eau de Parfum



Love & Toast sister brand, a french inspired collection of classic and luxurious floral mixtures, meant to inspire or seduce even the most scent-conscious individual.

Transcendent Product, In Love Shea Butter Handcreme


Indie Lee

Eco-friendly and natural enhancing ingredients, this line is not only elegant and cool but I am inspired by the creators very reason for starting it.

Transcendent Product, Blemish Lotion


French Girl Organics

French inspired, vegan and wildcrafted is some of the most unique and practical products sans all the problem-inducing fillers.

Transcendent Product, Rose Facial Polish



Probably one of the most coveted fruits known to man with it’s plentiful benefits. This brand knew that and helped us nature-conscious advocates utilize it’s multi-purpose properties creating the most amazing products I’ve seen thus far.

Transcendent Product, Coconut Charcoal Face Mask



Born from a wellness mindset, this cosmeceutical brand surpasses expectation. California custom-made and transformative skincare with a love and conviction to be healthier. This brand just makes you want to be better.

Transcendent Product, Rejuvenating Cleanser



If you’ve never been to Hawaii and always wanted to, you might want to do this instead. With the most gorgeously formulated sustainably-grown and naturally harvested ingredients, this line brings all the beauties and wonder of Hawaii right to you.

Transcendent Product, Rare Indigo


One Love Organics

This brand’s focus is all about self-love and self-care. Gosh, they do it so well. A passionate combination of aromatherapy and holistic nutrition would encourage anyone to really consider loving oneself a whole lot more.

Transcendent Product, Skin Savior, Multi-tasking Wonder Balm


RMS Beauty

Healing, nourishing and organic beauty with a chalk full of minerals, vitamins and anti-oxidants. Good for the planet and good for your skin, this brand is a force of nature.

Transcendent Product, lip2cheek


Grown Alchemist

A blend of organic and botanical compounds to improve any skin type. Evolved around appealing to the natural structure of our skin, this line is efficacious and powerful enough to produce any desired result.

Transcendent Product, Balancing Toner


Herbivore Botanicals

“Highly-effective, non-toxic” and derived for therapeutic purposes. This exquisite line wraps beauty and skincare all into one.

Transcendent Product, Travel After Sun Soothing Aloe Mist


Fig & Yarrow

Artisanal line of luscious botanical minerals and earth elements created to peak sensual enjoyment and crafted for medicinal guidance.

Transcendent Product, Facial Steam



Exceptional quality and driven by differentiation for all things beauty, this brand prides on being functional but mostly diverse.

Transcendent Product, FOUNTAIN, The Beauty Molecule


Nilly + Booth

This crafty lady understands the beautiful and wonderful benefits of natural and homemade skincare. Designed and produced for the very reason we write this article, this young thang found her calling and went with it. You might not stop at one product. But for now….

Transcendent Product, Organic Body Butter


PlantFolk Apothecary

We love this lines philosophy of organic, ethical and sustainable herbs, oils and extracts. The love and care that goes into each remedy emerges with it quality that goes beyond the product itself.

Transcendent Product, Messy Hair Sea Salt + Argan Texturizing Spray


Ursa Major

Founded on the premise of being “super natural” and a genuine respect for individuals who look for a fantastic natural solution to their skin problems, this line is exceptional in every way.

Transcendent Product, Stellar Shave Cream



Healthier living, less pollutants. Creative and intuitive, this line was initiated by the idea that quality doesn’t have to be compromised in order for something magically therapeutic to be a created.

Transcendent Product, Le GENTLEMAN, Beard Serum



What are some of your favourite apothecary beauty brands and where do you shop for them?



  1. Rebecca June 18, 2016 / 6:44 pm

    I love plantmakeup.com!

    • fmenthusiast June 20, 2016 / 1:36 pm

      Me tooo!

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